Knee Monsters

Knee Monsters

by E. A. Blevins

Look at your pants, and look at the knees. Are they whole? Faded? Or do they have gaping holes like hungry mouths?

You might not know this, because it doesn’t happen very often, but those holes are perfect homes for…

Knee Monsters.

With sharp teeth and googly eyes, the Knee Monster will move into the knee holes in your pants while you sleep.

Some say the Knee Monster eats knees, some say they eat the whole child and that’s why you never hear anyone say they’ve had a Knee Monster… but I’m here to tell you the truth. Because I’ve had a Knee Monster, you see… and Knee Monsters… lick knees.

It tickles.

It tickles terribly.


You’ll be so busy laughing that you won’t be able to tell anyone why! That it is a Knee Monster tickle-licking your knee!

So always wear pants with no holes… or you might get a Knee Monster of your own.


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